Sitecore SXM – Social Experience Manager

For the integration with Social Media, Sitecore is already having an inbuilt option. This allows you to have an option of logging in or share your thoughts from your site using social media options which could be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. For all the social media websites, they have their own options or ways... Continue Reading →

Customize Quick Action Bar with Sitecore

Sitecore gives many predefined options which you can find here. Now lets customize it, we will add our own Gutter to it which will just show Total version count with language code like an Item having en(1) means English language with 1 version only. Consider my site is in 3 languages that are English, Danish... Continue Reading →

Sitecore FXM – Federated Experience Manager

A really great tool provided by Sitecore for managing non-Sitecore or external website's content through Sitecore. Yes!!! non-Sitecore or external site. Consider we have a site like below screen. Its a default MVC site created in Visual studio. Here we will see how to manage above highlighted section (in RED color) through Sitecore FXM. Consider... Continue Reading →

Add Sitecore references through NuGet

Normally all the developers are giving a reference of all the required dlls from NuGet. But for Sitecore dlls, we normally add a folder as "Lib" and add all the Sitecore dlls in it and then add reference of required dlls from this folder. This was ok but sometimes when a developer by mistake add... Continue Reading →

Generate Sitemap.xml with Sitecore

This blog will give a small demo about how to create customized solution in Sitecore.¬†We will be creating a sitemap.xml in this blog. In sitecore, request are served through pipelines and 1st pipeline is "httpRequestBegin". This pipeline is having many processors in it. If any new request comes, there are steps which will create the... Continue Reading →

Make Facebook Access Token Permanent

I faced an issue with facebook that how can i set the access_token as permanent. So here are the steps to¬†achieve¬†this. Step 1 -¬†Crate Page in Facebook like, Step 2 - Create Facebook App from Here Go to Apps Section and if you are not Registered as Developer then fist Register as Developer and then... Continue Reading →

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