Issues / Troubleshoot Sitecore 9 Installation

Sitecore installation was really easy till the version 8.2. From Sitecore 9, its bit tricky. In this blog, i am just mentioning a collection of issues faced & its solution during Sitecore 9 setup. Here we go..... Issue: Got error of: “The term 'Install-SitecoreConfiguration' is not recognized” Solution: You have not installed below modules correctly. Requirement... Continue Reading →


Enable SSL for SOLR setup

To configure SSL for SOLR, follow the below steps which will have direct steps only. Complete detail about the steps are here. Prerequisites are: SOLR dump JRE (Java setup) OpenSSL Follow the steps to Enable SSL for SOLR Install JRE which will allow below command to execute and its path could be like "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_171\bin"... Continue Reading →

Configure Azure search with Sitecore 9

Now a days, All the setup will be done on Azure (majorly) and so search will also be configured with Azure only. Its a good facility comes from Microsoft and that could be used for any environment like UAT, DEV SIT or Prod. With the use of Sitecore Azure template, all the Sitecore Instance setup... Continue Reading →

Setup Sitecore on Azure

I got a query from some Manager about setting up Sitecore instance on Azure and so got a chance to explore ways to do so. There are different ways to setup Sitecore on Azure like Use Pre-defined Azure template from marketplace. Using ARM template (Refer) We will be see the 1st approach. It is really... Continue Reading →

Custom Routing with Sitecore MVC

Routing is not new but normally we do not use it with Sitecore as Sitecore is having its own pipeline and actually it covers everything already. But then also, sometimes we need to add routing. In this article, we will see how we can create a custom routing. Just follow the steps to create new... Continue Reading →

Personalization on external site using FXM

This article is in continuation with my one previous article named - Sitecore FXM – Federated Experience Manager. To set Personalization on any page, the method is same and in this article, we will add a personalization to show the personalized content on external site using FXM. Sounds good !! Follow the steps: Configure an external... Continue Reading →

Dependency Injection with Sitecore

To create any solution, there are number of ways which includes design patterns that could be used depends upon the requirement. With this article, we will see how we can use Sitecore's Dependency Injection. Before that, A bit theory (I am not so good in theory!! 😉 ): What is IOC? inversion of control (IoC) is... Continue Reading →

Add logs into Sitecore

Many times we may need to add some custom logs within sitecore. Example could be like we have to log the user login and logout detail or consider an audit log kind which will track the user actions into separate log file. below is an example of how you can have multiple kind of logs.... Continue Reading →

Sitecore SXM – Social Experience Manager

For the integration with Social Media, Sitecore is already having an inbuilt option. This allows you to have an option of logging in or share your thoughts from your site using social media options which could be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. For all the social media websites, they have their own options or ways... Continue Reading →

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