Translate Contents of Sitecore using LanguageWire

For any Multilingual site, its required by content author to translate their content in different languages. This is a really a tedious job, taking too much time and it could impact on efficiency as well.

There are many such tools available in market to translate the content of the site. Nilesh Thakkar had shown one way to translate the content, here is the link using XTM Connector.

One another way is to use Languagewire. It’s providing Sitecore connector to translate content. Just install Sitecore Connector and it will be fully available from Content Editor and Experience editor to select the pages / Sitecore items to translate.

Yes!! Page which can include multiple Sitecore items or just a single.

Below are the steps to convert any item / page to other language.

  1.  Install the .update file provided by Languagewire and install using link: http:///sitecore/admin/UpdateInstallationWizard.aspx
  2. once installation finishes, LanguageWire option will be visible in Ribbon of Content Editor and Experience Editor. This will be visible to all the admin and one more role will be added by LanguageWire Translating. Assign this role to Content Author to allow them to modify the content.

  3. Select any item like Home and click on Add Item / Add with SubItems to include only that page or with its children to translate. Consider i want to translate Home page English version to Danish version.
  4. On Clicking Add item or Add with Sub Item, it will show below screen
    2017-05-22 05_07_30-Desktop
    Here, Home page is going to be added into Basket. Click on “Add” button and popup will get closed. Now Item is ready to be translated.
  5. Click on “Show Basket” will show you the steps to submit the page which are in basket to translate. “Clear Basket” will empty the basket.
    2017-05-22 05_09_43-Test - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator)
  6. At first it will validate the item(s). Select the item and click on Next will move from “Content” to “Language” section.
    2017-05-22 05_11_53-Desktop
  7. Select “Danish” Language (it could be more then one as per your site which can be configured in LanguageWireCultureMapping section on last point) and click on Next will move from “Language” section to “Project”. Here project will be created and that will be submitted to LanguageWire to translate the content.
    2017-05-22 05_12_48-Desktop
    Specify the deadline date about content to be translated on or before that date time.  They will return Sitecore item with translated content as a latest Version of the item.
  8. Click on Next will move from “Project” to “Verification” Section to verify about total counts to be translated.
    2017-05-22 05_13_18-Desktop
  9. Click on “Confirm” button will move from “Verification” to “Acceptance” 
    2017-05-22 05_13_39-Desktop
    Now project is submitted to LanguageWire to get translated. They will translate the content and will revert with Translated Sitecore item(s) which will be imported to Sitecore instance automatically.All done now!!!
  10. Click on “Show Projects” will show projects which are In-progress or  Completed
    This will show a detail which are the submitted projects. Note that 2nd record is an example of failed submission.
    For Completed projects, 
    2017-05-22 05_20_52-Desktop
  • on clicking “+” symbol will show the detail about the page which is translated  
    2017-05-22 05_18_57-Desktop
    By Clicking on “Re-Import” will import specified Item to Sitecore instance once again so that if there is any changes done by mistake, it could be reverted.

LanguageWire Settings in Sitecore

  • So what is the contents from LanugaeWire?, below is the content coming with it in Sitecore Instance.
    All the setting about communicating from Sitecore to LanguageWire will be specified here only.

Enjoy … Happy Translation.


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