Add Sitecore references through NuGet

Normally all the developers are giving a reference of all the required dlls from NuGet. But for Sitecore dlls, we normally add a folder as “Lib” and add all the Sitecore dlls in it and then add reference of required dlls from this folder.

This was ok but sometimes when a developer by mistake add reference of any Sitecore dll from local machine which has different version then the expected, it will create a big issue.

Solution!! We can add Sitecore related assemblies references through NuGet.

Yesssss!!!!  Sounds good. So how can i configure it?, here is the answer:

For NuGet feed, its different for Visual Studio versions.

  • For VS 2015+ :
  • For VS 2012+ :
  • Browse Package :

Follow the steps to configure this feed to your Visual Studio.

Step 1: Click on “Tools” -> “Options” menu, Click on “NuGet Package Manager” -> “Package Source”.1

Step 2: Add new Package Source by clicking “+” Image and add Name as “Sitecore” and Source as “”. (This feed is of VS 2015+) and Click on “UPDATE” Button and Click on “OK” Button. 2

Step 3: Now click on “Manage NuGet Package” will show option of Sitecore regarding available dlls, Select dlls as per your requirement. 3


  • No need to add Sitecore references into the repository
  • Reduce mistakes about adding different Sitecore references.
  • Easy to mange.
  • Many Packages for Sitecore Module are also available with NuGet like WFFM, Dynamic CRM, Data Exchange, Email Experience Manger etc…..

Note: Support dlls are still not available on NuGet.

for the rest, refer the FAQs of Sitecore public NuGet Package form here.

Enjoy Sitecore with NuGet !!!


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