Customize Quick Action Bar with Sitecore

Sitecore gives many predefined options which you can find here.

Now lets customize it, we will add our own Gutter to it which will just show Total version count with language code like an Item having en(1) means English language with 1 version only.

Consider my site is in 3 languages that are English, Danish and Arabic. Steps to create Custom Gutters is as below:

  1. Switch to Core Database
  2. Go to the path “/sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Gutters”. All the options are coming from here.
  3. Create new as per your requirement like “Customize Quick Action Bar” which is created from the template “/sitecore/templates/Sitecore Client/Content editor/Gutter Renderer”.
    Custom Quick Action Bar
  4. Specify Header like “Customized Quick Action Bar” which will be visible while right clicking on Quick Action Bar.
    Type which will be our custom class having logic to get number of versions per language for the selected item. For this example, i have created an assembly with a name “VPageInfo.dll” having a class name “CustomizeQuickActionBar.cs”.
    Core DB changes
  5. The implementation will be something like, Code
  6. And now its done, Right click on Quick Action bar and check the result. Below is the sample result which shows an item with Danish language having 0 version, Arabic having 0 versions and English Language having 1 version. I have displayed an icon of earth delete 🙂 :

Happy Customization 🙂

Reference to Marketplace module is Here


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