Quick Action bar & Customization with Sitecore

Many facilities of Sitecore are really great but those are normally not used 😦 . One of them is here highlighted and will show a way to customize the same.

One of the customer had asked me to have an option which will show the items which are not having any versions on selected item and so i got this predefined options and got a way to customize the same.

At first, Sitecore’s default options available:


Here, we have many predefined options available from Sitecore:

  1. Item Buckets: will show all the items which are bucketed.
  2. Cloned Items: will show items which are cloned and clicking on the icon will select the parent item.
  3. Personalizations: will show the icon if the item is having any Personlization applied on the component.
  4. Multivariant Test: This will show an icon if Multivariant testing is applied to the item or not.
  5. My Locked Items: Will show the symbol where item is locked by you.
  6. Locked Items: This will show icon in front of all the items which are locked (by any user) to check who locked the item, just mouse over it.
  7. Workflow State: If the item is in any workflow state, it will be displayed as tool tip on the icon. Also you have a sufficient permission, on clicking the icon, it will show appropriate option as well.
  8. Broken Links: This will show icon if the item is having any broken link.
  9. Missing Versions: This is a really good facility which will show red icon in front of the item with missing language versions like in below screen, Danish and Arabic language versions are missing.
    Missing Versions
  10. Publishing Warnings: it will show icon in front of item if there is any warning about publishing the item.
  11. Validation Rules: Icon will be visible in front of the icon which contains any validation error.
  12. Presentation Overridden: This will show icon if the template layout setting is overridden by another layout.
  13. Refresh: This will refresh content tree which will load all the options which are selected.

Note: The Validation Rules and Broken Links quick actions slow down performance the most. Every time you open an item in the content tree, Sitecore must refresh these quick actions.

References: https://doc.sitecore.net/sitecore_experience_platform/content_authoring/the_editing_tools/the_content_editor/customize_the_content_editor

Now, Lets customize it.


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