Sitecore SXM – Social Experience Manager

For the integration with Social Media, Sitecore is already having an inbuilt option. This allows you to have an option of logging in or share your thoughts from your site using social media options which could be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

For all the social media websites, they have their own options or ways to create application. We will be demonstrating Twitter authentication which we will be using in our Sitecore website. Sitecore provides all the ways, check the references at last.

There are mainly 2 steps to configure Sitecore SXM.

  1. Create Social Media Application / Settings
  2. Configure Social Media Settings into Sitecore.

Step 1: Create Social Media Application / Settings

we will create Twitter application which will  communicating with Sitecore and its steps are:

  1. Go to and create a new application.
    1. Twitter Application Home
  2. Specify the required parameters in below screen .
    2. Create an application Twitter Application Management
  3. That’s all… You can Copy the parameters “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” from “Keys and Access Tokens” section.
    2017-07-31 00_15_35-SitecoreTwitterIntegration _ Twitter Application Management

Step 2: Configure Social Media Settings into Sitecore.
Now its time to do configurations in Sitecore

  1. Select predefined components from Sitecore for your page.
    4. Sitecore Social Options
    Here, Connector will be used to connect to respective social media and Sharing is having its respective sharing components. Here like Tweet Button component, it will allow you to tweet from your page onto the logged in account. In this way you can share your website’s link and its title on to respective social media. Pretty much easier !!

Wait its not finished yet. How the social media will communicate from you site, you haven’t passed anything to Sitecore. So now you need to configure some parameters like for twitter, in the Sitecore/System/Social section of content tree.

2017-07-31 00_23_21-Content Editor

  • Application ID: is basically your Twitter App’s Consumer Key (API Key)
  • Application Secret: is basically your Twitter App’s Consumer Secret (API Secret)

Now its time to check the result:

twitter result

Next article will be in continuation !! some simple but fruitful things with Social Media 🙂

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