Verify Sitecore IP Geolocation Service activation

We got Activation and Subscription of “Sitecore IP Geolocation” from previous article. Now the question is how to verify that the Geolocation service is working or not?

To check this, i have created one page named “checkip.aspx” which you can put inside admin folder (not compulsory at this location… its all yours) and access like “\sitecore\admin\checkip.aspx”.

Below is the code detail. Here is the complete code.

File: checkup.aspx
000492-2018-11-11 03_18_56-Unicorn.Serialization - Microsoft Visual Studio

File: checkip.aspx.cs
000493-2018-11-11 03_19_51-Unicorn.Serialization - Microsoft Visual Studio

Here, i have not added designer.cs file screen.
And once files are copied / deployed to “<Sitecore Instance name>\sitecore\admin” folder, page will look as below:
Specify the IP address of your machine for example and it will show a detail about the IP with location.
000494-2018-11-11 03_24_17-Unicorn.Serialization - Microsoft Visual Studio

This will work if you have valid Sitecore IP Geolocation Service subscription 🙂

Enjoy…. Happy Tracking!!

References: Check solution 3

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